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Di Martino Bruno

Univers Morphose "Man"

Bronze, artist limited edition to a number of 8, signed from the hand of the artist
120 x 55 x 33 cm
Silver patina


Metamorphosis of a classical bronze inspired by greek corpus. Still there lot of usual hidden symbols progress like a venous ivy above the skin.

A spectacular living bronze which supplements Universe Morphose Woman.

Purchase starts the production of the bronze (6 to 8 weeks to produce the bronze sculpture since the purchase). Personal patina possible. 

Addendum : Pictures of sculptures come from original plaster with its patina. The sculpture will be made by the artist in bronze since the purchase after original patina introduced by pictures or other patinas upon request.



Discover his portrait and other works. 

Nota bene about sculptures :
All sculptures are limited edition : artist’s proof, numbered, limited to 8 numbers and signed from the hand of the artist.
Each sculpture is produced since the order and given unique by a choice of patinas (see the introduction of the works, more choice of patinas upon request).
Waiting period after the order, 2 months are necessary to produce the sculpture bought.
Shipping is fast and delivery made by hauler.