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FALKENSTEIN Claire (1908 - 1997)

Bronze & brown brain (originally untitled)

Lithograph numbered 10/20 and signed by pencil from the hand of the artist on a such of Arches paper
61 x 51 cm
Good condition
Framed (aluminium frame) : 81 cm x 61 cm
750 €


Rare lithograph numbered and signed from the hand of Claire Falkenstein.
This is the bronze and brown version, look at here the white version. Both possess a sober black background. Pattern evokes the brain convolution maybe in order to question the power of human mind.
Good condition. See the photos.


October 23 in 1997, the american artist Claire Falkenstein died. Known as a sculptor "both abstract and functional", the two lithographs on sale underlines how much volume was mattering and today reminds us Cobra movement but whether she was influenced by Bauhaus, she arrived ahead of Pierre Alechinsky.
Roberta Smith from The New York Times writed about her :

"Claire Falkenstein, 89, Sculptor Of the Abstract and Functional

Claire Falkenstein, an American sculptor known for both abstract and functional works, died on Oct. 23 at her home in Venice, Calif. She was 89 and had lived in Venice since 1963, after spending more than a decade in Europe.
Claire Falkenstein was born in 1908 in Coos Bay, Ore., and graduated in 1930 from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied philosophy and anthropology. During the early 1930's she took a master class at Mills College with the Russian-born modernist sculptor Alexander Archipenko and also met such Bauhaus emigres as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Gyorgy Kepes.
These contacts seem to have instilled in her a growing commitment to abstract principles, combined with a conviction that functionality did not reduce a work's esthetic impact and an interest in experimenting with a broad variety of new techniques and materials. Over her career, Ms. Falkenstein would make sculptures in wood and stone, but also in laminated plastic, Cor-Ten steel, glass and aluminum. She designed furniture, fountains, architectural elements, screens, wallpaper and jewelry.
By ROBERTA SMITH, published: November 09, 1997 "