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DUPRÉ Jules - 1811-1889 (Attributed to)

A child and his father in a farmyard near a pond and the sea beyond

Oil on canvas - XIXth century - unframed
Size : 54cm x 34cm


Fine oil on canvas from XIXth century so near of Jules Dupré’s works.

Like in a Dupré signed painting we meet the same spectacularly contrasted pastoral landscape  here between sea and countryside with a child and his father near a farm and an outlined cattle.

Dupré was considered as the « Mozart of landscapes », the new french Ruysdaël with sublime skies, subtle dark colors, and high contrast like Rembrandt.

In this artwork we find again the same taste as Dupré showed for  brilliance (from water, a river and often, as here, from a pound).

The value for a Dupré’s painting is around 35 000 euros.