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Jacques RIGAUD (1680 – 1754), avec Privilège du Roy

View Of The Royal Castle Of Blois, Country Side, Jacques Rigaud (1680-1754)

Engraving Eighteenth
A vue : 22 x 46 cm – encadrée 34 cm x 58 cm


Superb print of the eighteenth representing the royal castle of Blois from the west facade Gaston of Orleans in a bucolic perspective.

Subject drawn and engraved by Jacques Rigaud with "privilege of the King". The castle of Blois, favorite residence of the kings of France of the Renaissance, remains in the center of the engraving of Rigaud, engraver (according to his own drawings) and prints dealer (publishing most often his) which was made famous for its engravings of royal castles and princely dwellings. However Rigaud chooses to exceed the major architectural subject, representing the life of his time near the castle, gentlemen gathered in the foreground (perhaps officers) but also guards and humble people working and carrying boards, a mother and her daughter walking with their dog.

The village, more rustic, stands out in the distance. The castle has its own life and shines on Blois without ignoring the outside. A superb and rare event in a beautiful state of conservation perfectly highlighted by its supervision.

Dimensions at sight: 22 x 46 cm - framed 34 cm x 58 cm

Beautiful frame with tiny wear, very good condition (tiny folds and soiling in the margins), beautiful inking, superb proof of the eighteenth.