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3D secure payment

ATOS secured payment system developed by Merc@net of BNP Paribas

A very reliable securitisation of your transactions integrating the 3D secure protocol

 - A simple and secured system developed by the leading European bank for payment, with peace of mind, for goods purchased from a distance

- Encrypting with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, of data entered upon payment

- Direct transmission of bank data to the bank’s server, and storage of holders’ data on said server

- Control of payment cards, and verification of the card number, validity, and cryptogram.

- Authorisation application for systematic payment to the issuing bank upon each transaction, with immediate refusal of nonexistent, stolen or lost cards.

- Integration of the 3D Secure protocol guaranteeing that the issuer of the payment is indeed the holder of the card: the internaut must enter a password at the time of the payment, enabling the bank to integrate the 3D secure protocol (the largest banks have already integrated it) to identify him and to authorise the transaction (CB, Visa and Mastercard)

- Control of the amount outstanding on the card, to limit the number of transactions over a specific period for the same card.

- Possibility of setting additional antifraud controls.

Choice of methods of payment

 - Payment by bank cards (CB, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard). 

It is the fastest means for processing your order, and has all of the guarantees of reliability.

Other means offered

- Bank transfer (regardless of the amount). Transfer to the account of WE ART TOGETHER upon receipt.- For personal delivery: cash accepted up to the legal ceiling of € 1,000. Above that amount, a certified bank cheque is mandatory. 


For greater efficiency (shipment and delivery time), and especially for your security, the possibility of paying by bank cheque has been suspended due to the significant number of stolen or counterfeited cheques issued each year, and to our inability from a distance to verify the holder’s identity.

Hence, reliability takes precedence with respect to the choice of means of payment offered.

With payment by bank card, the 3D secure protocol, which, today, is employed by the principal banks, guarantees that a stolen card will immediately be recognised and the request for payment refused. This is a thoroughly reliable means of payment -- as reliable today as a bank transfer -- which has the disadvantage of taking more time to effectuate.

However, payment by a certified bank cheque (requiring prior authorisation of your bank, which guarantees that no stop-payment order will affect the payability of that cheque, in addition to its solvency) is authorised for personal delivery.

Since payment in cash by post is always inadvisable, we accept payment in cash only in cases of personal delivery, and up to the legal ceiling of € 1,000.



The green bar is the proof that our website is well our website and that is perfectly secure and possesses the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates : a extended validation certificate given by one of the most famous certificate authority : GeoTrust, VeriSign Group.



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