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A bit more than a gallery. To democratize art without distorting it. A vision and a risk. The taste of cultural diversity and so the taste of artistic diversity. The questioning of a totemic ready-to- see model. The ambition to go beyond practice and comfortable consensus to fully serve artists and collectors, to those who create Art and those who appreciate it with the desire to offer a larger opening to those who are unfamiliar with art or who feel distant from art.

In order to fulfill our ambition, we imagined WE ART TOGETHER. An international, trans-cultural art gallery that operates as an e-business, driven by the energy, enthusiasm and selection of the two co-managers, associate directors with complementary talents.


Brigitte Biondi, Associate director and co-manager.

Exposed to art and the art market at a very early age, her grandfather was auctioneer.

Areas of expertise: antiques, old art (Haute-époque, 18th – 19th) and modern figurative.

Career: Versailles, Prépa (École de Sèvres), Degree from the École Supérieure des Arts Graphiques Estienne, writer (Les Sortilèges de Belle Ile en Mer, Éditions Terre de brume, etc.), Artistic Director, Creative Director (advertising and communication agency).

Has worked for: : Musée des Arts et Métiers, Cité des Sciences, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Onisep, Perrier, Sony, France Telecom, Ademe, Flammarion, Guerlain...

Elise Walter, Associate director and co-manager.

Favorable environment for artistic acculturation, art through civilization, public awareness of architecture.

Areas of expertise: modern abstract art, design, contemporary art and rare books.

Career: Qualified teacher in French language and literature, librarian examination, former journalist and consultant in multi-channel communication strategies and synergies (Arval, Ethicon, Barclays, BP...).

Familiar with digital networks.

Actively participated in the overhaul of the online strategy for AFPA.



With our background in the art world, communication and advertising, we started with a simple observation: artwork is not a product. Art is a link, like a universal language between people, countries, history...beyond social and cultural differences, art brings us together: We Art Together!

We hoped to go even further and provide clarity to artistic works through time and space, across centuries and generic boundaries by abolishing the barriers of categories that are too frequently used by art galleries.

Therefore, our gallery is not limited by geographic or thematic walls.

Deliberately without borders other than the promotion of expectations, sharing and providing instruments for artistic learning, we wanted to present old masters in art as well as references in design, to promote talented contemporary artists along with well-known names in abstract art.


An e-business platform to reach this objective

We used the finest new technologies to design a very reliable, simple yet designer e-business platform to encourage a productive dialogue around the world. Very user-friendly, each function has its place. You will find that the website is intuitive and efficient, without gadgets.

If the international global art market wants to attract a larger public, it has to learn – in addition to a certain pedagogy and economic desire – that there are better performing, more reactive solutions than prices upon request, poor quality photos, paper catalogues for sale and bank transfers!

Experienced or novice collectors on the five continents will all find artwork that meets his/her expectations at a price below those asked in tangible galleries with extravagant infrastructures, providing the same level of guarantees and expertise.


On this website, for the first time, old, modern and contemporary works of art as well as rare books are together on the same e-business network.

We guarantee:

  • Authenticity of exhibited pieces (invoice includes a certificate of authenticity)
  • A selection that is as eclectic as it is specialized with the main criteria being artistic excellence
  • Especially rich contextualization of offered works
  • Very high quality objective photos
  • Possibility to request search for exceptional pieces
  • Tax exemption for your investments
  • High security online payment with bank card using the ATOS solution, the most advanced and most reliable on the market
  • Worldwide shipping, large choice of delivery options
  • Specialized and diversified selection from the 16th century (and earlier) to the 21st century:
    from Michelangelo Maestri to Sonia Delaunay, from Eames to Hergé, from Daumier to Dora Maar, from Rosa Bonheur to Hans Hartung, from Harpignies to Alechinsky, from Godchaux to Miro, from Rembrandt’s contemporaries to original editions of Tintin and many others.