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Delivery information


From meticulous packaging to optimised shipment and delivery times, WE ART TOGETHER extends every effort to minimise the time and risks from the moment you place your order to the time it is delivered.

In "Your account ", you can monitor your orders, consult your advantage codes, and change your personal data.
Shipment, delivery, deadline -- terms that often get mixed up, and might become a source of uncertainties and disappointments.  Clarifications.


Payment is deemed to be effectively made when:
• you pay by BC (Merc@Net secured payment), and  WE ART TOGETHER has verified your payment 
• you pay by bank transfer, and the payment is credited to the bank account of WE ART TOGETHER


The shipment time is the period that is estimated to be necessary– in business days* - for preparing your package and depositing it with the delivery service.
Both the choice and quality of packaging, and the care and time given thereto, define the period of time required for shipment.
This period commences to run upon WE ART TOGETHER’s effective receipt of your payment (see § 1. A. above, Receipt of payment), and may vary according to your mode of payment (BC or bank transfer).
We're fast. The period required for shipment may be from 1 to 2 days; however, we extend every effort to minimize the time for processing your order without adversely affecting the quality of its preparation.
You will be advised of the shipment of your purchase by e-mail.
This period of time for shipment does not include the number of business days required for delivery.
*Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered business days.


The delivery time is the period that the carrier (Post Office, Chronopost, TNT, Fedex, DHL, private carrier, etc.) estimates is necessary – in business days* - for delivery of the object.
You may monitor the forwarding of your purchases on the WE ART TOGETHER site, as well as on the sites of certain carriers.
This transport time does not include the number of business days required for shipment.
*Sundays and holidays are not considered business days.
WE ART TOGETHER is not responsible for delivery times, as they may vary during the periods of holidays and vacations, strikes, inclement weather, etc.


The specified delivery times are those of our service providers (Post Office, Chronopost, TNT, Fedex, DHL, private carrier, etc.).

They apply upon our confirmation by email of the acceptance and shipment of your orders.

2. A. CHOICE OF DELIVERY : the best services charged at the most favourable price 

In order to satisfy our customers’ desire for personalised service, no fixed delivery price is imposed.
We extend every effort to offer deliveries at cost.
For each object and work, the delivery price is adjusted according to the weight and the country of destination in order for it to be calculated at the actual cost.
We ship throughout the world, and we offer you broad flexibility in the choice of delivery from among options you can consult before and during the processing of your order: in « delivery cost» in the work form, and during the processing of your order.

During the processing of your order, for each object you have a choice -- according to your destination address, the weight of the work and its value -- between various modes of shipment at cost that are already prerecorded and most favourably calculated for each destination in the world. 


The choice of a type of delivery is linked to the quality of service as well as to insurance coverage.
Hence, you will be offered only services that intrinsically suit your purchases:
• Expert Delivery (Registered Colissimo, Expert Colissimo) for objects valued up to  € 1,500. 
Two business days in France from confirmation of its shipment by e-mail.
• Express delivery (Chronopost, Fedex): delivery within 24 to 48 hours (business days) in France when the object is received by the Chronopost network before 2:00 p.m. We confirm its forwarding by email. 
Chronopost for pieces valued up to € 5,000. Fedex (no limitation as to insurance), but the choice of this carrier is not recommended for objects exceeding a value of € 5,000.
• Premium delivery: Private carrier based on quotation for objects exceeding a value of  € 5,000. 
Possible free options for Paris :
• Personal delivery in Paris on appointment 
• *Delivery by special carrier OFFERED in Paris, only for specified pieces 

2. C. PRIVATE CARRIER based on quotation

Since this type of delivery generally involves only very rare pieces that require special boxes and meticulous care in transport, the cost of delivery by private carrier is not indicated; and, upon your request, you will be given a personalised quotation that takes into account your destination. 

This service is available during the processing of your order, or by contacting us beforehand and giving us all of your data by e-mail 
For exceptional objects, we recommend the services of private carriers that work in that regard with museums.

2. D. SELECTION OF DELIVERY by a private carrier

Contact us and give us your name and your email and delivery address, or register in “My account”.  You may also register at the identification stage of the ordering procedure.

If this type of delivery is indicated in "Delivery Cost" and you are already at the stage of processing your order, and if, at that stage, the price is not indicated, your order will automatically be prerecorded, and we will contact you by e-mail to give you the delivery quotation and to validate your order with your agreement.


By clicking « delivery cost» in the work form, you will obtain the prices of delivery for Expert Colissimo and Express Services. 
Other options might be indicated as well.


In the summary of your order before your validation, we give you the cost for the type of delivery you have selected.  You will owe this amount in addition to the price of the objects you have purchased.

3. C. SHIPMENT AND DELIVERY – Delivery time

In the processing of your order, we give you the delivery times and modes that are possible for the purchased products.
However, WE ART TOGETHER reserves the right to make delivery in one or more instalments.   Your credit or payment card will be debited accordingly in order to correspond to the price of products that are effectively delivered.  The transport cost is billed only for a single shipment as specified in your order summary.
The specified delivery times are those of our service providers.  They apply upon our email confirmation of the taking and shipment of your orders.
We try to minimize as much as possible the time for processing your order without adversely affecting the quality of its preparation.

3. D. SHIPMENT AND DELIVERY – Defective delivery

For deliveries in metropolitan France, we must be informed immediately by email of any delivery that is defective or occurs eight business days after the time that was specified upon shipment. 
Any complaint submitted more than thirty calendar days after the date of validation of your order will not be considered.
You must verify conformity of the goods upon delivery and, if possible, report any defects (opened parcel, damaged product, etc.) on the delivery slip in the form of handwritten reservations, accompanied by your signature.
Then, you must contact us by email or telephone.
If your purchases are defective or do not meet your expectations, you may return them within seven days and request either a refund or exchange (see also our GTCS) pursuant to the terms and conditions specified in article 3. E. " Returns - Exchanges - Refunds ".
In accordance with French law, the right of retraction does not apply to purchases made by business enterprises (whether natural persons or legal entities).  Consumers’ rights involve only natural persons who make purchases for their personal needs.


Do not forget during the delivery to verify the parcel in front of the carrier. That is very important. Also the insurance that we have included into the shipping will work.

The reserves such as: " under reserve ", " subject to unpacking ", " opened parcel " will not be acceptable in case of dispute.

If the carrier ever does not want to wait, please register on the travel voucher the following mention: " the pressing carrier did not leave me the time to verify the parcel".

In case of anomaly :
  • Formulate on the delivery receipt very precise and characterized reserves
  • (ex: hoarse glass, broken frame, etc).
  • Note the exact missing number of parts or parcels and a precise description of the state of the parcel (opened, torn, intact...).
  • Send imperatively a registered mail to the agency of delivery within 48 hours.

However, we hope that you do not have to make these complaints.
We are at your service for any further information.


On the site
You may return any ordered product and request an exchange on the site within seven calendar days of the delivery date, under the following conditions:
The returned object must be accompanied by its purchase invoice, or a copy thereof in the case of a partial return, in its original condition and packaging, to the following address: WE ART TOGETHER 12 passage de la fonderie 75011 Paris.
For an exchange, the cost of the first delivery is not refunded, but the cost of a second shipment is not billed.  Only one exchange per order is accepted.
When a refund is requested by virtue of the right of retraction, you may return any ordered object on the site within seven days of the delivery date. Objects or works must be returned in their original condition (see GTCS).
WE ART TOGETHER will take all reasonable commercial steps to ensure that you will receive a refund within fifteen business days from receipt of the returned objects, by crediting your bank card or credit card.  In any event, the refund is made no later than thirty days after your notice of retraction.
We do not offer any refund, even a partial one, if you received the object in question as a gift.
In both cases (exchange or refund), the cost of transport incurred for return of products is refunded only if said return is due to a defect in the delivered objects (error of reference, damaged object, etc.).
WE ART TOGETHER disclaims liability for loss, sending to an improper address or late delivery of a product that you desire to return to the site site, since the risks of the return transport that you select and initiate rest only with you.
Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to  contact us