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The bookstore > Rare books > Hergé - Tintin original editions
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Tintin - Red Rackham's Treasure - 1950 - Red back – B4
Hergé 's works acquired a very reliable and even a progressive... Read more

Tintin - Le Temple du Soleil – Dos jaune - Édition Originale de 1949 – B3

The adventures of Tintin, The Black Island, 1st UK edition, Methuen, 1966
The Tintin adventure of Black Island still brings a perfume... Read more

Tintin,The Shooting Star, first UK edition and 1st english lenguage edition, Methuen, 1961
First UK edition  of this title published by british publisher... Read more

The crab with the golden claws, first UK edition and 1st english lenguage edition, Methuen, 1958
First UK edition and first english lenguage edition of The Crab... Read more

Tintin in America, first UK edition and 1st english lenguage edition, Methuen, 1978
This is the first time Tintin in America was published in UK... Read more

Tintin, The Blue Lotus, 1st UK and first english lenguage edition, Methuen, 1983
Published by Methuen in 1983 for the first time, this is the... Read more

Tintin, King Ottokar's Scepter, Golden Press, first US edition, 1959
This is the first american (US) edition of The King Ottokar’s... Read more

Hergé’s Studio
Original signed drawing inspired by Destination Moon representing Tintin, Snowy, Haddock & Calculus
Marvellous and so mastered original indian ink drawing... Read more

Tintin, Vuelo 714 para Sidney, Juventud (publisher), 1st spanish edition
Published in 1969 by the spanish publisher Juventud, this is... Read more

HERGÉ, Éditions Rouge et Or - Hallmark, 1971
Tintin, Le sceptre d'Ottokar - POP-HOP - original edition
HERGE TINTIN, LE SCEPTRE D'OTTOKAR  Printed by The Éditions... Read more

Tintin, Le Secret de la Licorne, édition au médaillon marron, dos rouge, B7, Casterman,1952
Please contact us for any question you have. Jolie édition... Read more
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