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The art gallery > Classical Art and Antiques
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Edmé QUENEDEY (1756-1830)
Portrait of woman under 1st french Empire by Quenedey, rue neuve des Petits-Champs n°15 à Paris 1811
Physionotrace drawn and engraved by Edmé Quenedey in good... Read more

Edmé QUENEDEY (1756-1830)
Portrait of a man under 1st Empire by Edmé Quenedey, rue neuve des Petits-Champs n°15 à Paris, 1810
Physionotrace drawn and engraved by Edmé Quenedey in good... Read more

Neoclassic school, XVIIIth, By a Poussin follower, circle of Joseph-Marie Vien or Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes
Imposant allegorical landscape in a antique nature decorum from 18th century, near of Jourdain (Baniyas) french neoclassicism school influenced by Poussin
A magnificent neoclassic landscape, maybe Baniyas, from the circle... Read more

Dutch school XIXth century
The mill, a dutch landscape with characters and animals near a river
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for translation or... Read more

BONHEUR Rosa (1822 - 1899)
View upon Montségur castle, number 819 of the famous Rosa Bonheur sale in 1900 under the name « the peak in the valley »

Henri Félix Emmanuel PHILIPPOTEAUX (1815 – 1884)
Military parade and Battle scene under French Empire
Deux dessins dans un même montage réalisés... Read more

Félix ZIEM (1821 – 1911)
Study of a swimming fish on a blue lagoon landscape

Antoine LELOUP (SPA, 1730-1802)
Fine veduta 18th century from Siebengebirge and Drachenfels along The Rhine
Please to contact us if you need translation or further... Read more

French Revolution Directoire Period, french school
Portrait of a man, miniature on ivory from the last period of 18th century

ALFRED VERNET (1819 - 1879)
Portrait of a gentleman wearing beard and moustache, signed by Vernet and dated 1851
A rare and fine miniature signed and dated from the hand of Alfred... Read more

British school from 19th century, George VICAT COLE entourage
Landscape with romantic ruins of a castle near a river (Pembroke Castle ?)
Nice landscape from 19th century by a british school representing... Read more

GALIEN-LALOUE Eugène (1854 – 1941)
Place Vendôme in the Paris circa 1900, Belle Epoque
A so fine an mastered watercolour signed by Eugène Galien-Laloue... Read more
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